Transracial or interracial adoption is when a child of one ethnic or racial group is placed with adoptive parents of a different ethnic or racial group.

While parenting a child of a different ethnicity or race involves many of the same parenting tools, it can also require additional support. We’re sharing a few of our favorite children’s books that are great resources for transracial families.

These thoughtfully-written children’s books provide families with the opportunity to recognize some of the important questions and feelings children have. Talking about differences, similarities, belonging and love are ways to keep the conversation open and honest.

The Red Thread: An Adoption Fairy Tale

By Grace Lin
Ages 4-8

The story focuses on a king and queen, who should be joyous and happy but feel a pain that keeps getting worse. A peddler uses magic to discover that there is a red thread pulling at each of their hearts.

The couple decide to follow the thread, which leads them to China where they adopt a baby. This tender story reminds us of how we are all connected, and it demonstrates the feeling adoptive parents have before meeting their adoptive child that they are meant to be together.

All Bears Need Love

by Tanya Valentine
Ages 5-10

Questions and comments from other children, family members and society often accompany interracial adoption. People can be quick to point out the differences between adoptive children and their parents.

This book uses animals to tell a story of a simple and important message of being loved and accepted by others. Polar bear and brown bear help the other animals to see how love is universal and that love makes a family.

Lucy’s Family Tree

by Karen Halvorsen Schreck
Ages 8-11

It all starts with a school assignment. When Lucy’s teacher asks her to create a family tree, she says she can’t because her family is different. With the help of her parents, Lucy learns that many families are different and that families are formed in many ways.

This lesson about family diversity helps Lucy to create her family tree in a way that celebrates her past and present. The story delivers messages on an emotional level that are easy to understand and also offers ideas for family tree activities.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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