Dear Mei,

Emily is picking out a dress. Every time she tries one on, her face lights up, and she twirls around.

She’s daddy’s girl, and they’re getting ready to go to the Sweetheart Dance. She understands as much as she can about adoption. As she grows, I look forward to helping her know and celebrate the amazing person she is.

Thank you for being the selfless and strong person you are. I know the choices you made were hard, and I’m grateful to you.

My husband and I had two boys and wanted a girl. We decided to adopt and waited three years for a match.

When we first decided to adopt, people would question me — how will you love a baby you’ve never met? After meeting Emily, I knew the answer. How could I not? She completes everything.

She is so full of love, and I have learned so much from her. Although our three-year wait was long and difficult, I wouldn’t change a thing. It had to be her.

She has expanded our hearts in a way we didn’t know was possible. The look on her dad’s face the first time he saw her was priceless. The way she brings out a softer side in her two brothers — I can’t imagine our family without her. In my mind, she was always there.  

When we met Emily, she was 21 months old. Ours was an international adoption, and we flew to China to meet her.

When I heard the words, “Diane, she’s yours!” I was nervous. It has not always been a storybook — sometimes she didn’t want to leave my side, she would have night terrors and wake up and the stroller absolutely scared her. She would hoard food, and I remember she once finished eating, and her cheeks were swollen. I pushed on a cheek and out came watermelon that she was storing.

But we worked through these things, and I want you to know how truly amazing she is. Her teachers say that she enjoys school, participating and being part of something. And she is part of something. She is part of a family and part of our — and your — hearts forever.

I watch her in her pink dress, and she has a big smile. She and her dad are ready for the dance. She twirls and teaches us all to trust and appreciate miracles.

With Love,

Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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