As many messages do, Marlana’s came to us just at the right time. In this Breakfast with a Birth Mom, Marlana reminds us not to stress, to follow your heart and to trust that guidance comes at the perfect time.

She’s honest about her struggles and inspires us with the way she overcomes them and opens her heart to the people who want to see her succeed.

When did you place your baby for adoption and why was it important to keep a relationship with Destiny post-adoption?
I placed my beautiful little boy for adoption on April 29, 2016. It is very important to keep in contact because I’ve come to love and appreciate the relationship and bond I’ve created through my experience.
What is the birth mother support group and how does it help you?
The birth mother support group is made up of soon-to-be birth mothers and mothers who have already placed their babies for adoption. The group provides support emotionally and physically. It helps me to come out of my shell and share my story with others. Also, since I have gone through the experience and am still going through it, I feel I can relate to and help others get through this heavy process.
Would you recommend post-adoption counseling? And if so, why?
I absolutely recommend post-adoption counseling. We have so many feelings afterward that need to be worked through. If I didn’t take that offer, I would still be a big ball of mess! I got help working through all my feelings and moving forward to my future endeavors. It’s not an easy fix, but it helps in so many ways.
How do you feel today about your choice to place your baby for adoption?
In all honesty, I feel like I couldn’t have possibly chosen a better family for my son. God has helped me find kind hearts and souls to guide my child in his life.
What is open-adoption and would you recommend it?
Open-adoption is getting to keep in contact with your chosen adoptive family. You both control what aspects you get to experience with your child. I would absolutely recommend it because I love how it’s almost like I have an extended family.
How is your baby and his adoptive family? Do you like that you have the ability to stay in contact?
My son is doing great! I couldn’t imagine another family or not being a part of his life. I’m not quite sure how I would feel besides devastated if I couldn’t keep in touch.
What is your relationship with Destiny and their team like?
Destiny’s entire team is totally magnificent! I’m extremely blessed I got to meet and have these people in my life. One in particular has made a bond with me that I never would’ve imagined. I feel like my personality keeps me so guarded. I have learned to open up to others that want the best for me. Those are the only types I should allow in my heart.
What has post-adoption been like? What are your future plans and dreams?
Post-adoption, in all honesty, has been a struggle. But I have learned this isn’t an easy thing to do. You have to have one big heart to want what’s best for your child. My future plans are to do what’s best for my daughter. I can’t wait to finish my bachelor’s degree and start to achieve what my destiny should be. I never knew about this whole adoption world, but having experienced it first hand, I now know what my ultimate goal is. I want to do social work. I would love to help other birth mothers in their process as I had help with mine.
What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give a mother considering placing her child for adoption?
Make sure you use your heart in finding the correct family for your child. Please consider every aspect but don’t stress-out about it because God WILL guide you when you least expect it. I wish you PEACE AND LOVE.

Author: Katrina “Malia” Price

Malia is an Adoption Specialist at Destiny Adoption Services who is passionate about helping birth mothers and children. She works directly with birth parents to help with their pregnancy needs, adoption plan and help them prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

Malia, a Hawaiian native, began her career working with special needs children in a therapeutic setting and working as a staff advocate with the 10th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem program. She has dedicated her time to projects, fundraisers and traveling overseas to help benefit children in need. Malia has a degree in social work and psychology with a pre-law focus.