Birth mom Melanie placed her baby for adoption in August 2015. She understands the experience firsthand. Here, she shares her insights and experience.

How do you feel today about your choice to place your baby for adoption?
I feel better about it today than I did initially. Difficulties that I’ve had in my life in general have helped me confirm that I made the right decision.
What is open adoption, and would you recommend it?
I have a semi-open adoption, which means I have the ability to communicate with the family, but not intrusively, and vise versa. The right adoption plan depends on your individual ability to cope with different levels of openness.
How are your baby and his adoptive family? Do you like that you have the ability to stay in contact?
I love the ability to have updates on my son. I think the family is amazing, and because they’re amazing, I think my son is going to grow up to be amazing.
Was it important to keep a relationship with Destiny post-adoption?
Yes, because Destiny is helpful and supportive even after your baby is adopted. Destiny is a friend for life.
What is the birth mother support group, and how does it help you?
The birth mother support group is where a bunch of birth mothers get together for fellowship. I’d compare it to a therapeutic group. You can talk about adoption to everybody, but not everyone understands. People can be so judgmental. It helps to have people you can talk with about it.
Would you recommend post-adoption counseling?
Definitely. Between the hormones and all the emotions you feel, counseling is most important after the pregnancy. Adoption is a grief process, and counseling helped me work through it. People love pregnant women, but society doesn’t understand and can be harsh about adoption. Counseling was a huge help.
What is your relationship with the Destiny team like?
My relationship with Destiny is like family.
What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give a mother considering placing her child for adoption?
Listen to your heart when it comes to selecting a family.


Author: Katrina “Malia” Price

Malia is an Adoption Specialist at Destiny Adoption Services who is passionate about helping birth mothers and children. She works directly with birth parents to help with their pregnancy needs, adoption plan and help them prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

Malia, a Hawaiian native, began her career working with special needs children in a therapeutic setting and working as a staff advocate with the 10th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem program. She has dedicated her time to projects, fundraisers and traveling overseas to help benefit children in need. Malia has a degree in social work and psychology with a pre-law focus.