Shelley understands adoption. As a birth mom herself, she encourages other birth moms and shares her valuable insights about adoption, the process and life post-adoption.

“I feel 110% I did the right thing,” said Shelley. “I know they love him as much as I do.”


When did you place your baby for adoption, and why was it important to keep a relationship with Destiny post-adoption?
I placed my son for adoption in April about three years ago. I wanted a good relationship with an agency so I could track my son’s progress and make sure he was with a good family.
What is open adoption and would you recommend it?
My adoption is open. I’m lucky enough to have very understanding and generous people as my son’s adoptive parents. I would recommend it. I would also recommend having good boundaries. I get visits and pictures and letters, and they respect my time with them, and I respect their time. It’s a give and take.
How are your baby and his adoptive family?
I see the progress he’s making. He gets to do all sorts of things he would not have been able to do with me. He’s growing in a more well-rounded way.
How do you feel today about your choice to place your baby for adoption?
I feel 110% I did the right thing. When I see him during visits and it comes time to leave, I feel like kicking myself. But then they send me more pictures, and I know they are giving him a life I couldn’t give him. I know they love him as much as I do.
What has post-adoption been like? What are your future plans and dreams?
Post-adoption was difficult at first. It felt like a long time until that first visit. Now, they pretty much let me visit whenever I request, but I’m respectful to the adoption family. For myself, I can only see him a few times a year for my emotional health.
My goals for my future are to have a good job and relationship.
What is the birth mother support group and how does it help you?
The support group is a group that has birth mothers and birth fathers or birth mothers that have already placed their baby for adoption. It’s a combination of a therapy group and an activity group. Through the group, you develop support and make friends. For me, it helps me to talk about my adoption, and I can help other mothers through their adoption plan.
Would you recommend post-adoption counseling?
Yes. Personally, I use the support group as my counseling. I regret that I didn’t reach out for help right away. I would absolutely recommend counseling to other girls. The last three years would have been a lot easier if I had started counseling right off the bat.
Was it important to keep a relationship with Destiny post-adoption?
I was lucky enough to be a Destiny’s birth mom. My relationship with Destiny is really close. My adoption advocate, Malia, has helped me through the last three and a half years of my life. She’s been a constant rock for me. She has been, besides my son, the one constant positive in my life.
What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give a mother considering placing her child for adoption?
My best piece of advice is during post-placement, whether it is closed, semi-open or open, do not shut out the supportive people in your life. Between the adoption and post-partum stage, you will need support. If your family is not your support, Destiny Adoption is the best support there is. It doesn’t matter when you need them; they will be there for you.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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