“Ensuring that adoption works better for all is why I founded Lifetime Healing, LLC,” said founder and owner of Lifetime Healing, Ashley Mitchell.

Ashley has experienced adoption firsthand. She describes feeling fear and pain, almost choosing abortion and arriving at her adoption plan. In an article Ashley wrote for the National Council for Adoption “Lessons from a Birth Mother: The Importance of Post-Adoption Support,” she also talks about the long-term impact of adoption on mothers.

A relentless champion on behalf of women (and men), who sacrifice and allow the privilege of parenting their child to go to others, Ashley works with adoption professionals. She trains and educates them about the importance of lifetime support. She provides them with resources and proven tools for parents who have placed their children for adoption.

Regardless if a placement occurred 20 years ago or last week, Ashley understands the long-term battle that can follow a person for life. This is why she believes it is the ethical responsibility of adoption professionals to provide post-placement support and counseling for as long as needed.

Adoption works better when it works for all parties involved. And one way to make adoption successful is to improve the adoption experience — short-term and long-term and from the vantage point of children, adoptive parents and birth parents. When you do, you move toward adoption that is healthier for the whole.

In her article, Ashley also talks about other lessons that inspired the founding of her organization. She knows that adoption doesn’t end when you handoff your baby, and she admits that even she may never be done sorting out these things in her life. But Mitchell emphasizes how parents who have chosen adoption need to give themselves more credit.

This is often where support and counseling come in — to help begin sorting out feelings, emotions, guilt and obstacles, such as anxiety, addiction and financial instability. This is often where support and counseling can help you to restore your hope, move forward in life and realize your best life. To achieve that, Mitchell challenges adoption professionals — raise the bar on the quality of post-adoption care and support or get out of the game.

If that sounds tough, it is. Mitchell has learned to demand for herself and others the type of post-placement care that elevates adoption and elevates lives.

Destiny Adoption has been trained in and uses Lifetime Healing’s program and curriculum for its Birth Parent Support Groups in Pinellas Park, FL and Knoxville, TN.

Want to attend? Group meetings are held the last Saturday of each month 10:30 a.m. The group is free, Uber transportation is provided at no cost if needed and childcare is provided.

To attend, please call Destiny at (727) 202-8966.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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