With Father’s Day a few days away, what better way to show appreciation for Dad then by creating a “hand”made DIY card? Pick a tutorial below and let your child’s creativity take over as they craft a one-of-a-kind, hand printed card for Dad’s big day.

“I Love You This Much” Handprint Card

Show Dad love by making this card as long as your child wants! Using the outline of their own hands as bases, your child can create a paper bridge between them to show exactly how much Dad is loved. See the tutorial for complete instructions.

Handprint Monkey Card

Your child will love monkeying around with this artsy card! Using paint and their handprint, your child can create a cute monkey with a message for Dad. If they go bananas with paint, you can opt for a cleaner alternative by tracing your child’s hand and letting them use markers, crayons or colored pencils to fill in the monkey. Find the instructions here.

Handprint Pirate Card

Similar to the handprint monkey card, your child can create a handprint pirate card to tell Dad how gRRReat he is! Find this buried treasure here.

Handprint Yoda Card

For the nerdy Dad, this card features your child’s handprint as the base for creating a cute, hand-sized Yoda. If you want to bypass the paint, you can trace your child’s hand, outline Yoda, and let your child color it in with markers, crayons or colored pencils. May the force be with you as you and your child follow these fun instructions.

“I Love You Berry Much” Fingerprint Card

Using just their fingertips, your child can create a card any Dad would love. Your child can finger paint a field of raspberries, blueberries, or snozberries and finish this card in 4 simple steps.

Handmade Scribble Card

This card is perfect for your future Picasso or Salvador Dalí. Using tape to spell out a message, your child can go to town scribbling the surrounding paper. Once they are happy with their masterpiece, remove the tape to reveal the message. Find step by step instructions here.

Author: Avery Riggs

Avery Riggs is a contributor on Destiny’s website. Riggs works with Destiny’s clients to capture and share their adoption stories. Her journalistic talents include interviewing, photography, videography and story development.

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