Placing your child for adoption can be a traumatic experience for a parent. Finding ways to heal can be difficult.

One solution can be to look to the arts. Creative activities can help significantly. Coming to terms with a “new normal” is hard to get used to when you’re coping with post-adoption emotions.

Art, scientists have found, is proven to help with the process. In fact, creative activities heal by changing your attitude and physiology, actually changing your brainwave patterns.

Art can be relaxing, invigorating, absorbing and meditative. It can change your perception — taking you from fear to acceptance, frustration to inspiration and stress to relaxation.

Here are five art activities to help you heal and find peace and yourself again.

1. Write Poetry or Short Stories

One excellent way to express and process your feelings about placing your child for adoption is creative writing. Whether you prefer journaling, poetry, short stories, songwriting, putting it on paper can be cathartic.

Tell your story in your genre of choice. You can share the finished product with your family or friends if you want, but you absolutely don’t have to. The act of writing itself can be healing.

2. Listen to Music

Listening to music is an easy way to relax your mind and body. Get comfortable and put on some slow, classical music. A good tune can slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Try listening to music without doing anything else. Actively listening to quality music can absorb your mind and reduce stress levels. Of course, you can also listen to music while doing other productive activities, like running or cleaning up around the house.

3. Go Dancing

Dancing is therapeutic in a way that few other activities are. Getting your groove on gets you in touch with your body’s natural rhythms. Lose yourself in movement wherever you feel comfortable.

Some people like to go dancing in a club with friends, while others prefer to dance alone at home. Don’t worry about where you do it — but try it … dance your cares away.

4. Paint a Picture

Just like writing, painting can be used as a tool for processing grief. There are lots of ways to paint — choose anything from finger paints to watercolor for your masterpiece.

The best part about painting as a therapeutic activity is that it doesn’t matter how good it is. Channel your inner Bob Ross and paint some happy little trees. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Go to the Theater

If you’ve never been to a live musical before, you owe it to yourself to see one. Whether you go to a Broadway show or a local community theater performance, live theater offers an experience, unlike anything you can get on Netflix or cable TV.

Take a night to forget your worries and enjoy a show with a friend or loved one. Enjoying and participating in art can go a long way toward healing the emotional and mental trauma felt by placing your child for adoption.

Find the artistic activity that is right for you and dive in. The arts can create positivity and give hope, transforming your outlook and your heart.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

Destiny Adoption Services is proud to support and guide birth parents and adoptive families on the journey of adoption. We’re a state licensed nonprofit adoption agency with four decades of adoption experience, and our professional team of experts includes moms, adoptive moms and birth mothers who provide compassion combined with trusted resources and skills.