Malia is passionate about helping birth mothers and children. She works directly with you to help you with your pregnancy needs and adoption plans. Malia also helps you prepare for the next chapter of your life.


Where did you grow up and what did you like about it? 
I grew up on Oahu, Hawaii. I love the rich culture, island life and Hawaiian food. I love nature and being surrounded by water and the “Aloha Spirit.”
Cat or dog?
It depends on the cat or dog!
What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
My favorite is chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and every bite feels like the very first bite.
Why adoption? Why do you dedicate yourself to it?
Adoption chose me. When I was a teenager, I placed my daughter for adoption. I did not work with an agency. I did not even know they existed. I did not have the support of my parents. I chose a wonderful couple to adopt my daughter.

We had a semi-open adoption in place, which later unfolded into a very open adoption. I wasn’t aware that counseling or support services were available to me. I numbed myself through the pregnancy and adoption process and, quite frankly, for the next couple of years that followed her birth and placement.

I began the process of filling holes with unhealthy relationships, the birth of another child, perfectionism in some areas of my life and neglect and irresponsibility in other areas.

I disconnected from my daughter and her adoptive family for a while, and when I reconnected, I was inconsistent, at best, with my openness. My daughter is 18-years-old now, and I still struggle with this.

Destiny Adoption literally walked through the door of a summer job I had taken, and found me. God led us to each other. He knew how important my role with birthmothers would be to me — how personal.

I love the girls I work with. I LOVE them. I feel their struggle and heartache. I know what it means to them to have someone in their corner seeing them through their adoption plan and, in addition, through this time in their lives.

I have the opportunity to be a part their story and an example of unconditional love. I take it very seriously. I know how big the decision to choose adoption can be, even if they do not fully realize it yet themselves. I know the difference compassion can make.

I want our birth moms to know my concern for them extends beyond their adoption plan. I want them to see the beauty in themselves … the beauty in their decision. Even when it feels the hardest to see, even when it hurts — I want these girls to know they are lovable, and I want their “holes’ to be filled with love.

What’s your favorite adoption experience?
Honestly, I love our birth mom support groups. I love walking through the door to this group of women who have become an extension of my family and an extension of my heart.

I love watching them connect with one another. I love hearing them make fun of me and all the ridiculous things they have heard and seen me say and do during my time getting to know each one of them individually. I love hearing them discuss their adoption plans with each other.

I love watching the trust build as they form a safe place — a community — amongst themselves.

If you were in charge of the world, what’s one thing you’d do to make it a better place?
At the root of everything, there is love and there is fear. If I could do one thing to change the world, I would grow the love. I would smother the fear with so much of that love that it would eventually turn to love as well.

And if it didn’t, I would love it anyway.


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Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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