Where did you grow up and what did you like about it?
The first 5 years I was running around in Indonesia. My mom and dad were missionaries. I got to experience another culture without really understanding it was another culture. Then we moved to a very little town called Arden in Manitoba Canada. I spent my days after school riding my bike around town only to come home in time for dinner. Remembering back, life really was much simpler, very unplugged and being present in each moment was a given not a task. Miss that!
Cat or dog?
I love cats, but alas, the rest of my clan not so much. But I absolutely think that dogs bring a little glimpse of heaven to every home. They can reset moods, restore relationships and bring laughter in dark seasons.
What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream and your earliest memory of first having it?
I love mint chocolate chip. I discovered it hidden in our freezer when I was young. It’s mom’s favorite too and was a bit of a treat for her — until discovered by her youngest and would then disappear way too fast!
Why adoption?
This one seems like it should be easy to answer, but it’s not. For every expectant parent, birth parent and adoptive family the “why” is different. It changes. Why do I dedicate myself to it? I keep coming back because each experience, which is both bittersweet and full of angst, causes my understanding of my “why” to grow. I believe that growth continues as long as I leave my heart open for the journey.
What’s your favorite adoption experience?
Gosh, adoption is really bittersweet, and when I see an adoptive family get that — really strive to honor this journey for mom and for baby — my heart believes a little more in the good in this world!
If you were in charge of the world, what’s one thing you’d do to make it a better place?
I really don’t think it’s rocket science, and I’m guessing at least one of the other girls said this. I’d mandate kindness or maybe is start with making it a full blown class from K-12th grade. Kindness would really make our world a whole lot better.


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Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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