An unplanned pregnancy can present you with an impossible choice. Choosing to place your child for adoption is a complicated choice with many possible motivations. The decision typically comes as a result of the woman’s particular circumstances, desires and means.

If you are considering options for your unplanned pregnancy, it is worth knowing the reasons other moms choose to place their child for adoption. Likewise, if you are looking to adopt a child, you may want to understand some of the reasons moms place their children for adoption.

A pregnant woman might put her child up for adoption if she…

Can’t Afford The Costs

It costs a lot of money to raise a child. If a mom does not have the financial means to take care of and raise a baby, she may put her child up for adoption, allowing the child to live with a family who is prepared for the expense.

Isn’t Ready to be a Parent

Unplanned pregnancies often happen at a time when you’re simply not ready to raise a child. You might be still finishing your education or struggling to find a career path. You might not be in a place mentally and emotionally where you feel equipped for motherhood yet.

Doesn’t Want a Child

Not everyone wants to be a mom. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy but have no desire to raise a child, placing a child for adoption can be a positive choice. An adoptive family that is eager to grow is ready and can welcome a new child into their lives.

Was the Victim of Sexual Assault

Becoming pregnant as the result of sexual assault puts you in a difficult situation. Keeping your child may not be a choice you are ready for, but you may also feel that abortion is not the right choice for you. Placing your child for adoption provides a chance for a full and healthy life. For some, this can be the most positive outcome of a tragedy.

Wants the Best Future for Her Child

There may be a variety of reasons and factors unique to your situation. Because of these, you may feel that adoption would be the best outcome for your child. Adoption placement is a choice that can be made out of love. It is a choice a mom can be proud of, knowing that she positively impacted the lives of both her child and the child’s new adoptive family.

There are countless reasons a mom might put her child up for adoption. Every situation is different, and it is not an easy choice.

I feel better about my choice to place for adoption today than I did initially. Difficulties that I’ve had in my life, in general, have helped me confirm that I made the right decision. Listen to your heart.Melanie, Destiny birth mom


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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