Instagram is a great social media network to connect with others who have been touched by adoption. The number of people on this platform can be overwhelming, and it’s difficult to find accounts worth following. So, we gathered a list of our favorite Instagram influencers in the adoption community.

Our Favorite Instagram Accounts

Jessica Satterfield

This adoptive mom is dedicated to helping women heal on their journey to motherhood. Her IG posts are typically about adoption, fostering and family. With over 25k followers, she clearly provides useful content. She also co-hosts a podcast called “A cup full of hope.”


She and her wife have two adopted children with Down syndrome. She posts about her family, and they have a YouTube channel where they share videos. This sweet family is located in Canada, and they have over 62k followers on IG.

Lindsey Bonnice


She is a blogger and adoptive mom of four kids. She posts about her family, adoption and lifestyle topics. She has 133k followers on IG.

Jenny Reimold


She is a mother of seven children and an advocate for foster care and adoption. Her IG posts revolve around home design and family. She is a style expert with over 23k IG followers.

Katie Page | Wood + Grace


She is a blogger and runs a skin-care business. Additionally, she is a single mom who adopted from foster care. She posts about her foster-care journey and her children. She has 33k followers on IG.

Julia Dimaggio


This adoptive mom of four kids has a lot happening. She runs an online clothing store that helps provide for children in foster care and for families in need. Her IG posts are about family, adoption, foster care and fostering to adopt. Her faith-based IG account has 16k followers.

Lisa Rondo


This mother of two adopted children posts about travel, family, lifestyle and adoption. She also runs a travel page. She has 6k IG followers.

We Call It A Journey | Danelle


She and her husband have a blog and podcast. They post about their hope to adopt, their experience with a failed adoption and infertility topics. This is great for those waiting to adopt or considering it. They have 6k followers on IG.

Brandi Ebersole


This account is run by a woman who was adopted. She and her husband have a biological child, an adopted child and a foster child. They have insights into a variety of adoption issues. They have 2k IG followers.

The Brenner Bunch


This account is run by husband and wife foster parents. They post about their foster-to-adopt journey and foster care in general. They have adopted two kids and currently foster two more. They have 19k followers on IG.

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Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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