Adoptive Mom and Birthmom: Two hearts brimming with hope!

I started working with Tiarra in October, 2019, shortly after she learned of her pregnancy. We spoke over the phone a few times and she asked and I answered her questions before making plans to meet in person.

I knew from the moment I met Tiarra that she was beautifully different. I remember thinking how kind, well spoken, and mature she was for her age.

I remember seeing the scars on her arms during that first meeting and I remember thinking those scars told a story of her pain.

She shared a bit of her past with me and a bit of what she hoped for her future. She demonstrated trust in me and I wanted to honor that trust in every way I could. I truly loved her by the time she walked out of the office door.

I remember calling Tiarra about this single woman wanting to adopt who had just sent her home study and profile to Destiny. Tiarra wasn’t open to a single parent adoption at first, but I asked if she just wanted to take a peek.

These two women reminded me of each other so much. They were both strong, independent minded, and each carving out a life on their own terms and their own path. They encompassed together two beautiful hearts free of judgement or stereotype and two hearts brimming with hope.

Tiarra LOVED her profile and asked to talk to her. So we arranged a conference call and they connected. I had the privilege of sitting back and now watching these two powerful women naturally connect.

Tiarra and Adoptive Mom communicated directly throughout their pregnancy. Tiarra loved hearing the stories of Adoptive Mom’s travels. Adoptive Mom loved and respected Tiarra’s kindness and integrity.

A Time for Silent Admiration

A few months passed and their beautiful baby girl finally arrived. She was born two days before Tiarra’s birthday and the Adoption Consents were signed on her birthday. As you can imagine, it was extremely bitter sweet and emotional for Tiarra.

She held that baby girl closely, breathed in her baby scent, and snuggled with her cheek to cheek.

It was beautiful and tragic and heartbreaking and inspiring and every single emotion in between.

I asked Tiarra if she wanted to postpone or needed more time. With great strength and fortitude, Tiarra wiped her tears. Through the most complicated emotions one can imagine, she said “I know what is best for my baby.”

In that moment, Tiarra was a living, breathing reminder to me that everything about adoption is brave.

I sat with Tiarra last week as she visited with her baby girl and introduced her to her family. She exhausted every second she could passing on her mama love.

I looked upon Tiarra during the visit as she smiled in moments, teared up in others, yet never stopped silently admiring her baby girl.

As she held her baby girl with her arms that still bear the scars I noticed months ago, they no longer told me a story of pain and disappointment. I had clearly missed it. I will never forget that moment… those scars are her battle wounds and the story told is one of strength and courage. I knew she was beautifully different from the moment I met her.

-Malia Price, Destiny Adoption Birthmom Advocate