Our Journey to LGBTQ PRIDE and Equality

From the beginning of Destiny Adoption, our founder, Lisa Cuffaro, wanted one of the main core tenements of our non-profit to be the inclusivity of LGBTQ prospective parents and to protect and foster their journey to creating family equally with traditional adoption stories.

Everyone in the industry knew it. As a group of women who value faith, every person hired was made clearly aware that this was an important part of the mission. It seemed like since we were more progressive and forward thinking than any other non-profit adoption agency in the St. Pete/Tampa Bay Area or in Tennessee, that we were doing more than enough to show our pride.

Was more than enough our best? Could we do more? Could we be more of a counterweight to a discriminatory system and industry? YES! We found ourselves examining these questions and realizing PRIDE was so much bigger than just making this one of the communities we serve. We needed to show the world how beautiful and normal and healthy these non-traditional families are. So we shifted and changed everything. We focused on changing our language, being way more open and clear on our website, attending PRIDE events in Florida and Tennessee, listening more than talking, building relationship, and rebranding for more than just some industry colleagues. Our PRIDE took on a whole new meaning and we became more than just a counterweight, we had begun to tip the scales in some pretty conservative cities and regions.

LGBTQ PRIDE and our work with this marginalized community is not a trophy of our inclusivity. It is about the equal basic human rights of loving people to create and receive the gift of family and be celebrated as any other person or couple. For us, it is about a growing number of birthmoms who are specifically looking for the love and acceptance found in the arms of someone who knows what its like to not be accepted. For us, it is about the increasing number of LGBTQ identifying foster children who can’t find an open and welcoming home. It is so much more than flying a flag or some 15 min of PR fame. No No…this is deep and real and has been watered by the tears of our friends who have called agencies only to be turned away because their love looks different.

As a group of fearless mamas, we at Destiny fiercely protect our adoptive families and birthmoms regardless of whether they fit in the traditional box.

Do we have it all figured out? Nope. We like the rest of our world still have a long way to go to understand the pain and frustration felt in the everyday life of LGBTQ people. But, we are PROUD to say more than enough is not always enough and we are determined to give all we can till LGBTQ adoption becomes a normal and accepted part of human life.


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