Private Adoption vs. Foster Care

(We understand that the term “give up my baby” can be offensive and not convey a mother’s heart or feelings accurately. Unfortunately, it is the terminology often searched when a birthmom is looking for info and answers and at Destiny we want be there to help)

If you are pregant, you may be wondering, “If I give my baby up for adoption, do they go to foster care?”

The answer is NO.

When you decide to place your baby for adoption through a private agency like Destiny Adoption, you essentially put yourself in the driver’s seat and give yourself the freedom and space to make the best decision for what that adoption will look like. You actually are able to absolutely avoid the possibility of them ending up in the foster care system.

Working with a private agency like Destiny Adoption, allows you to choose a happy, healthy family that has been screened and is ready not just to fully commit to loving and parenting your child but also to completely embrace you as the birthmom and keep you up to date with pictures, letters and even visits depending on your wishes.

Our birthmom advocate, who placed a child for adoption, is ready to talk to you and answer your questions on how you can avoid your child being placed in foster care and how the process of private adoption is a much better choice for the future and health of you and your baby. If you are even casually considering adoption as a possibility, you can call us now in Florida at (727)202-8966 or in Tennessee at (865)392-6261 completely FREE and without you having to make any promises to actually place your baby for adoption.

How an Agency Adoption is Different from Foster Care

Placing your baby for adoption with a private agency like Destiny Adoption is YOUR CHOICE. Foster care placement is usually the STATE’S CHOICE.

In a private adoption, you carefully choose, based on your own desires and wishes, an adoptive family from a list of families that we provide with profiles and pictures. You can also meet with prospective adoptive families to see if it “feels right” for you. The decision is entirely yours to make and we would never try and push you into a placement with a family that you weren’t absolutely on board with. This all happens without the state ever taking custody of your child. Your baby NEVER ENTERS the foster care system not even for an hour during this process.

Before you ever even get to choose a family, they have had a thorough screening including an in person home study review and a comprehensive criminal background check. We only present the happiest and healthiest adoptive parent options to our birthmoms.

You also get to choose the amount of contact you want with your child with private adoption. You rarely have that option in the foster care system and this sometimes leaves birthmoms feeling powerless and out of control.

This is an extremely emotional journey that could be one of the most important decisions of your life. We want you to “call the shots” and be in charge of what your future looks like. We can help you figure out what level of openness you desire in your relationship and match you with prospective adoptive parents who feel the same way as you.

Other Questions You May Have About Adoption and Foster Care

Most moms who find out the they are pregnant and are looking for unplanned pregnancy options are facing the fear of the unknown and are afraid to ask many of these questions. We wanted to answer them before you even asked so we could help you decide what is best for your and baby’s life journey.

“Can the state force you give up children for adoption?”
The main goal of foster care is to reunify the child with the birth parents. Usually the parents are given multiple opportunities to improve their life and prove that they are ready to be healthy and whole parents. The foster care system uses adoption as a last option. The legal process to terminating a parent’s rights can be very lengthy and does not happen over night.

At DESTINY ADOPTION, we would never ever force you to place your baby for adoption. If you feel like the state is trying to force you to place your baby or child for adoption we may be able to link you with an adoption attorney to speak with the state on your behalf. You have RIGHTS and you can see what some of those right are HERE. Call us today if you need to speak with an adoption attorney.

“If I don’t have an adoptive family lined up, can my baby go to foster care?”
It is never to late to work with Destiny’s Birthmom Advocate and find the perfect adoptive family for your needs and wishes. You may think it is too late and that the state will step in but one phone call and you can usually take back the power of choice in the adoption process.

By choosing private adoption, you can create a customized adoption plan and really be in complete control of what the future of your life and your baby’s life looks like. We will connect you with all the resources you need and answer your tough questions.

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