The 5 Greatest Lies about Choosing Adoption (Giving A Baby up for Adoption)

(WE KNOW the term “giving up my baby” Is wrong and does not reflect the heart of any mom in making the best decision for her child)

1. Placing a baby for adoption is considered an “easy way out.”

Sit down and have a face to face conversation with a mom who placed a child for adoption and she will tell you that “giving my baby up for adoption” was the most difficult decision and season of their life. Although we can’t even begin to sum up all the reason a mom might choose adoption for their baby, we know it is NOT easy and is one fo the kindest most sacrificial gifts that can be given to that baby as he/she/they enter this world. Many moms choose to put their baby up for adoption because they really want to give their baby the best chance at living without limits.

2. No Mom can love or want their baby and choose adoption

In all the years that our amazing staff here at Destiny has been working with birthmoms and adoptive families, we have never heard a mom say that she didn’t love or want their baby. NEVER, EVER!! Anyone who even thinks this is the correct supposition is really underestimating the power and strength of a mother’s love. That undeniable and indescribable love is usually what empowers them to make the best decision possible for their baby and life circumstances to give their child a happy and healthy life.

3. A Birthmom does not want to ever see their baby again after placement

The majority of adoptions today are open or semi-open adoption and this is not only the wishes of the adoptive family but also the desire and wishes of most of our birthmoms. Every birthmom has the chance to create a post placement plan and we match them with a family that has similar wishes. This beautiful act of love is not finished at placement but ends up usually being a life-long journey of kindness, care, and selflessness.

4. Most birthmom who place their child for adoption are teen moms or very young

Women who have not “planned” get pregnant every day and come from all walks of life. Our birthmoms, historically, span decades in age and are not just young and childless. Some are in the middle of finishing an education or already have children that they are struggling to support.

5. If a mom gives her baby up now, she will regret it later

Although we can never, ever say one adoption story can define them all, we can confidently say that most birthmoms sooner or later have complete confidence that they made the best decision for their child. Many experience pain and grief. Destiny Adoption is one of the most birthmom centric agencies and we provide lifetime counseling and support to help them through any of those emotions and questions. Very few have regrets and we are proud to make sure that every mom that places a child through our agency is making a sound, well thought out decision with reasonable and clear expectations.

If you have recently been searching the Internet for “give up baby for adoption Florida or Tennesse,” with Google, Bing, etc.. and need more information or have questions concerns, we are ready to help and have a 24/7 text and phone call option below. Don’t wait! We can help and we will do our best to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You are precious. You have a very tough decision to make. We are ready to listen!