Giving my baby up for adoption during the global COVID-19 crisis

(We realize that the term “give my baby up” can be offensive and insensitive. We strictly and specifically use this term because this is the exact phrase searched by most birthmoms looking for help.)

In 7 months, everything we are used to as routine in our lives, homes and days has changed dramatically. The infections and waves of positive tests to people we know seems to be changing and so is our ability to find certainty. Most people are scared and anxious. If you are unexpectedly pregnant and wondering about your options, you are probably even more frightened and uncertain as to what your choices are. We hope to bring some comfort and clarity to your heart and mind with how COVID-19 has affected the option of adoption during your pregnancy, delivery (hospital), and after placement with a family.

Agencies and attorneys who help you with the adoption journey are essential services and remain open. At Destiny Adoption, we have 24/7 text and phone access 727-202-8966 for any expectant mom that has questions or is in crisis. Our birthmom support has never been so responsive as it is now and our girls are waiting to help YOU during the COVID (coronavirus) pandemic and answer any questions not covered fully in this article.

Adoption is not a choice you want to make one way or another just because of a global health crisis. This COVID-19 pandemic will eventually be over and life will return to a new normal. Placing your baby for adoption is permanent and our non-profit agency will make sure you have all choices, rights, and support that you deserve regardless of the times.

Can I still place my baby for adoption during this COVID-19 pandemic?

YES. The details of the adoption process have adapted to the changes and precautions needed during COVID. You are entitled to the same financial assistance, counseling, advocacy, and services as before the pandemic. Although we along with the hospitals are following CDC guidelines when it comes to care and face to face meetings, you will receive all that you are afforded and entitled to by law and more.

We at Destiny are working tirelessly to adapt and make changes in real time to make sure that you have all the info and support you need.

How do I keep myself and my baby safe while pregnant during this COVID pandemic?

According to the CDC, pregnant woman have an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 including preterm birth. It is so important that you take extra precautions as someone in the high-risk category.

Here are the suggestions as listed on the CDC website:

-Limit close contact interactions with other people as much as possible.

-When going out or interacting with others outside your immediate household:

1- Wear a mask, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Note that wearing a mask is not a substitute for other everyday prevention actions like washing hands frequently and avoiding close contact with other people.

2- Avoid others who are not wearing masks or ask others around you to wear a mask, if possible.

3- Stay at least 6 feet away from others outside your household.

4- Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

5- Avoid activities where taking protective measures may be difficult and where social distancing can’t be maintained.

Will I be supported and will you meet with me if I am considering adoption as an option for my baby?

Again, YES! We are currently meeting with pregnant moms in their homes, in our offices, at coffee shops (and more), and via FaceTime/Zoom. It all depends on the comfort and desire of the pregnant mom and her needs.

As a birthmom, you are legally entitled to clinical counseling during your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks following placement. All of our birthmoms at Destiny Adoption have lifetime access to mental health counseling and support. We recognize that every birthmom has a different need and timeline for counseling and support and we never want to have an expiration date on our care and love.

And, you will be fully supported whether you decide to place your baby for adoption or not. We will never discriminate or change our level of care based on COVID-19 or your choices. Nothing deters the Destiny Girls from loving, supporting, and advocating for pregnant moms when they reach out to us for help.

After placement with an adoptive family, will I be allowed to know how my baby is doing?

Depending on your post placement desires for openness, you will absolutely be able to be in contact with your adoptive family before, during and after placement. This contact may be direct with the family or through our agency and will never be a surprise to you or the adoptive family. We make sure to match you with a family that desires the same or a similar level of openness and desire for contact. Most adoptive families are following the post placement care plan and finding ways to navigate the restrictions of COVID-19 and still keep our birthmoms up to date and “in the loop” based on the needs and desires of the birthmom.

At Destiny, the post placement care of YOU the birthmother is just as important if not more so than anything else we do. Your advocate will continue to stand with you as you need long after the placement of your baby.

Reach out via text or phone at the buttons below and/or check out our birthmom support group (open to all birthmoms regardless if you chose Destiny as your agency) on our Facebook Page.