Make no mistake, family is family at Destiny. Love is love at Destiny.

“Inclusivity” yes, we’re saying it again, because we are a group of women who believe in something bigger than us. He/She has called us to find, build and be “home” for babies, adoptive families and birth moms. It’s not only for the LGBTQ community, it’s single moms, single dads, black families (BIPOC) and Asian American families all while honoring the hearts of our “traditional” families as well. Those “homes” have different openness with birth family and different faiths. We don’t have time to argue the semantics with you. We respect that you too have choice and also believe in something bigger and we’re ok if people choose to exit our page because you disagree.

This call is bigger than building your home, it’s about creating a world that looks more like the world our expectant moms want to have their child raised in. A world full of love and room and a space where discovering who He/She created us to be is more important than the box others constructed on His/Her “behalf”. I will warn you, we will get it wrong! Sometimes we will scream the wrong thing. Sometimes we will shout when we should be quiet. Sometimes we’ll miss a moment to speak out. Sometimes our words will still be tangled together with religious white privilege. Sometimes we will stumble and fall flat on our face. But…we will wipe the dust off our cheeks and show up! We have been given a that is priceless and weighty…to love well our communities, adoptive families, sweet babies and expectant beautiful moms.

Make no mistake, family is family at Destiny. Love is love at Destiny. Traditional family, as defined by some, is not the only way. In the adoption world, it’s bigger than mom, dad and baby. It can look many ways. Maybe, just maybe, someone is reading this and saying I want to do this, let’s talk about it! We cannot waste anymore time being quiet in the pews. If you’re still here, take time to read a couple articles HERE. We’ve not begin to cover all of the non traditional families, but it’s a start. Maybe you have a story to tell. Maybe you were set aside or disregarded and fit in to this idea of non traditional, we want to hear about it and learn.

Why? Because whether you are considering adoption as an adoptive family or an expectant mom or just curious, education and understanding is the only way to a better world.