You get the call. You’ve been chosen! The angels are singing. The Champagne corks are popping!! You can barely contain the excitement!

Here is what you can expect:

You will be receiving a call from our Director of Client Services. She will talk you through the journey and introduce the people that will become your advocate and the expectant mom advocate.

You will receive your match paperwork/profile that will give you all of the details

Our Director of Adoptive Families will be contacting you to introduce herself and explain some of the process and answer your questions.

From here forward, the Birthmom/Expectant mom Advocate assigned to you will work closely to make sure you are included in the journey. Our Birthmom/Expectant mom Advocate, speaks on behalf of the expectant mom and any questions or concerns will be directed to your Adoptive Family Advocate.

Depending on COVID protocols and proximity, you will introduce and meet the expectant mom via phone/FaceTime or in person. This meeting includes at least one if not both of the advocates.

Prior to that call, you will be fully prepared and briefed on how to be successful in meeting and building relationship with your expectant mom. We know you will be nervous and trust us, we have done this enough times to be able to properly prepare you for that meeting.

Through the entire journey you will have support from your Adoptive Family Advocate. The idea is that you never ever feel alone or isolated from the journey.

Every expectant mom’s plan for the hospital looks different. 30 days prior to due date, your Birthmom/Expectant mom advocate will discuss that plan with you in detail so you will know what to expect. Often times that plan changes, especially at the hospital, and your Adoptive Family Advocate will help you navigate that.

COVID-19 may also alter or restrict the plan and we will work hard in advance to share any of those changes or restrictions imposed by the hospital with you prior to the due date.

If/when the birthmom signs her consent paperwork, you will sign your placement paperwork. Once her consents and your placement paperwork is signed and Destiny has released the baby to your care, this is a good moment to start breathing again LOL!

We, at Destiny Adoption, believe in breathing and want to make sure you do that especially considering that the next step if you live in TN or FL is to head home and begin this next chapter of building and creating family.

If you live in another state, you are allowed to breathe too and we will begin the ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) process and walk you through the interstate transport requirements to ensure a smooth transition home. The length of time before you can head home varies but we will be able to give you an estimate at your time of placement.

At this moment in the journey, your finalization process, etc is handled and explained by the agency adoption attorney.

The majority of your FaceTime and exposure to the Destiny Team will more than likely be the Birthmom/Expectant mom Advocate and the Adoptive Family Advocate. We want you to know that there is an entire team of ladies working hard behind the scenes on your adoption dreams and journey and they are rooting for you.

We know waiting is the worst feeling at times but your hope is not wasted and when the moment arrives it will be worth the wait.