@&*!… Today’s Four Letter Word

We’re not here to judge

We are here to love

There’s no room for hate

We are just one human race

We must rise above

We are here to love

If you’re a Lenny Kravitz fan, you were singing the “Here to Love” lyrics mid-way through the second line. I could spend a few paragraphs talking about all the things I love about Kravitz and his music, but I’ll simply encourage you to go to one of his concerts, if EVER given the chance. AMAZING!!!

As I struggled to find a subject for this article, this song was playing over and over in my head. It’s a great song to have stuck in your head, but I’ve honestly been unable to shake it nor come up with any other word than L.O.V.E. I was well into my adulthood when I learned that LOVE is not an emotion, but an action and a choice. It’s quite honestly the most powerful singular choice we’re able to make for ourselves (and others) each day. We have the complete ability to control who we take LOVE away from and to whom we offer it.

I get it, some people are hard to love.

What if…… we chose to look through the LOVE lens? What if we engaged in conversation? What if we listened? What if we walked head strong, heart first, into others with the intent to understand? We may hear stories of repeated trauma, abuse, abandonment. We may understand why they make the decisions they do, believe the way they do, live the way they do, and worship the way they do. We may understand the massive amount of LOVE it takes in the decision to place your baby with another family, as well as to fully commit to a child you didn’t bare.

WHAT IF we made the choice to LOVE that person in the way we were called to LOVE them? We may have the great opportunity and privilege to LOVE another human being through their pain, through their decisions, through their heartaches, and through their grief. We may bear witness to the beauty of their triumph, their joy, their story; because those they encountered chose to LOVE them and LOVE them well.

Channeling my inner Lenny Kravitz, “Let Love Rule”.