Understand what motivates us, how we approach adoption and why we do what we do!!

We believe that women who are pregnant and considering whether parenting is truly right for them, should be given ALL of their choices. These choices should be presented without bias regardless of any of our own personal beliefs. Why is this so important? Because it’s not our body. We need to honor the women. She is not a transaction; exchanging living expenses for child. Adoption is an invitation, the idea that if she chooses adoption we will be invited to journey with her. So nuts and bolts this is how we do what we love:

– inquiry call to office (24/7) basic information is gathered

– that info goes to our birth mom advocate who also is a birthmom and she reaches out to set a time to talk

– this conversation is an opportunity for us to educate her on all of her options which include abortion,parenting,foster care, family member care and adoption. All of these choices have pros and cons and all of those pros and cons will be different for each situation and woman.

– Once informed if she chooses adoption or is leaning that way but still unsure, the expectant mom will talk to a clinical counselor at no cost to her. The clinical counselor is an adoption competent counselor and also will not push adoption

From here, if the expectant mom chooses to pursue placing her child for adoption and invites Destiny Adoption on their journey, we begin the process of building relationship with her, helping her figure out and work on life goals and continuing the education on adoption choices that present themselves throughout her journey. She has someone who works directly with her and the adoptive family has their own separate advocate. This is so important to us because if only one person attempts to journey with both mom and adoptive family in a season of high emotions for both sides,as well as the advocate, the waters can get muddy.

Throughout moms pregnancy, she’s encouraged to continue the counseling again at no cost to her.

Hospital time is very sacred to our team. We offer as much or as little support as mom chooses. We will stand up for her in situations where care may be lacking, hospital staff may be judgy or adoptive family is pushing. Remember in each state the laws are different for the timing of mom choosing to sign consents for adoption, during this time we honor mom by holding the space she needs to make her decision.

If she chooses to parent we support her still because remember this is not a transaction it is an invitation and our journey with her has not ended. We purpose to direct her to educated and informed help going forward as mom. Destiny Community Services is part of the wrap around services we provide for families in our communities and she is immediately linked with them ( more on this later) Destiny Adoption Services will continue the relationship, she will still receive encouragement from our team, we won’t just ghost her for her decision.

If she chooses to place, our advocacy for her will continue for as long as she allows. This looks like maintaining our relationship, keeping up on whether her adoptive family is keeping their word on the post placement agreement they made, whether the courts deem it legal or not, birth mom support groups online or in person, and free adoption competent clinical counseling for life.

Free clinical counseling for moms who place through Destiny Adoption is so important to us. Grief does not set it’s watch to anyone’s timetable. Placing a child causes trauma and when and where that decides to rise to the surface, whether in a couple of months or years, or in 10 years, the counseling will be there.

Any post placement care, of Destiny Adoption’s birth moms (after 6 weeks post birth) we pay directly to counselors, staff etc.

Our motto as an agency is that each woman who comes to Destiny Adoption is there by design. Whatever we are able to bring to that moment, season or lifetime must be wrapped in honor, respect, kindness and the understanding that any decision made is hers.