Can I Leave My Baby at the Hospital?

Every expectant mom is different. For some, they eagerly await and count the minutes to the birth of their child. For others, they are overwhelmed with financial stress, housing and support hurdles and so much more. They tend to find great anxiety and uncertainty in the prospect of bringing a child into this world. We have also encountered other expectant moms that fully anticipated parenting and were excited but do to unforeseen circumstances and hardships during pregnancy, have had to change their plan and alter the course of their parenting journey.

Deciding to give up a child for adoption can be one of the most difficult and complex decisions and some expectant moms even find themselves in the hospital and wondering last minute if they can leave their baby at the hospital. If you have questions about your rights in Florida when it comes to adoption or custody of your child even at the hospital, reach out to an experienced adoption team, like Destiny Adoption.

No expectant mom needs to be fearful of any consequences related to giving up custody of their baby, even at the hospital. Florida has done a great job protecting expectant moms with “safe haven” laws allowing parents to essentially leave an infant at a hospital, fire station or EMS station within one week of birth without facing any criminal consequences. If a parent uses the “safe haven” law, they can not face any sort of prosecution.

Leaving A Baby at the Hospital vs. Private Adoption
Leaving a baby at a hospital, fire station, or EMS station should be a last option for an expectant parent. Making plans in advance for a private adoption ensures that the baby will receive proper care and support with the preferences of the birth parents.

Adoption, over the years, has become much more customizable and can be tailored to the expectant mom’s wishes and desires. If she chooses, she can actually meet the prospective adoptive parents and choose adoptive parents that seem to match her own ideals, morals, and values. Expectant moms who leave their child at a hospital instead of choosing adoption while pregnant also miss out on a wide range of potential support opportunities including living expenses, counseling, an advocate and more.

Talk to an Experienced Adoption Team Who Actually Cares
Yes. We care. We have a team of ladies who have made some of the tough choices you are facing and want to help you through whatever you are facing.

We have offices in Florida and Tennessee and are available to answer your tough questions and present all the options, so you can make an informed decision and be supported in whatever you decide.

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