Can I Place My Toddler for Adoption in FL?

Are you interested in placing an older child for adoption in Florida? Read more to learn about your options and determine if it is right for you and your child.

Can I Place My Toddler for Adoption in FL?

There are many situations that lead parents to consider adoption for an older child. Private adoption can be the most loving choice when faced with an inability to parent. If you are in this situation, you probably have many questions. Here, we examine toddler or older child adoption.

The process of Placing a Toddler for Adoption

It is similar to an infant adoption in that you can choose the family who adopts your child and the type of adoption you prefer (open, semi-open or closed) You can also receive all the counseling and support from an adoption agency, and the legal fees are covered, so there is no cost to the birth parents.

The Challenges with Toddler Adoption

There are a number of factors that make this type of adoption difficult, but certainly not impossible.

There are fewer families interested in adopting an older child. Most prospective adoptive parents wanting an older child work with the state foster care system rather than a private agency.

A child’s history becomes more important when they are toddlers or older. This includes any health or behavioral issues, the people who have had custody of the child in the past, and the involvement of the father.

Adoption is a harder adjustment for everyone involved when the child is not an infant. Bonds have been created, so it’s much tougher for the child and birth parents to manage the feelings that accompany adoption. Special counseling, education, and training is required to ensure everyone adjusts.

Required Documentation

In order to place a toddler for adoption, there are some documents and information you will need to provide.

1. The child’s birth certificate
2. Documentation of every place the child has lived
3. Medical records from birth to present
4. Information about who has provided emotional and financial support to the child, including documentation of any child support.

Can I place my toddler for adoption through Destiny Adoption Services?

We do have families interested in adopting a toddler. However, every situation is unique. So, our adoption specialist will ask you some questions to determine if we are the best fit for creating your adoption plan. We are happy to help, and if we are unable to handle your adoption, we can refer you to services that may be better suited for your situation. If your child is school-aged, it is unlikely that we can handle your adoption. Call us to discuss your options. 727-202-8966.

What are the other options?

If a private agency cannot help you, there are other things you can consider. Unfortunately, the foster-care system is too overburdened to accept voluntary relinquishments. This means they only take children who are living in “unfit” homes. So, you cannot choose to send your child to foster care. However, here are a few suggestions.

Independent Adoption

In an independent or identified adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents connect without the assistance of an agency. You can find a family to adopt your child by reaching out to your friends and community. You will still need to go through an adoption attorney to ensure the adoption is legally completed. You may even consider a kinship adoption, where a relative adopts your child.

Temporary Guardianship

If you feel your situation will improve in the future, consider giving a family member or close friend temporary guardianship of your child. This allows them to parent the child while you improve your circumstances. It is temporary, and the child can return to you when you are ready.

Social Services

There are numerous resources available to help struggling parents. You can get help with healthcare, finding a job, housing, child care and more. Reach out to your local social services agency and ask for assistance.

If you are considering adoption for your toddler, call or text Destiny Adoption at 727-202-8966. This communication is completely confidential and you are under no obligation to choose adoption.