How to put a Baby up for Adoption in TN 

Important note about the language in this article:
As adoption professionals, we do not use the terms “Give baby up” or “put baby up” for adoption as it does not correctly describe the courage and love of a birth mother. However, because these are commonly used terms, and we want to make it easier for people to find the information they seek, we use this wording in this article.

The Adoption Process for Pregnant Women in TN
First, it’s important to decide if adoption is right for you and your child. You may want to examine your reasons for considering adoption. If you have decided that putting your baby up for adoption is the best choice, then you are ready to begin the adoption journey. Our Tennessee adoption professionals are available 24/7 to answer your questions with no obligation and complete confidentiality. Call us at (865) 444-3487

Step One: Create Your Adoption Plan
Your adoption advocate here at Destiny works closely with you to ensure your journey unfolds as you desire. She walks with you through the entire process, taking on the roles of counselor, friend and partner. She guides and supports you while making sure you are in complete control of the decisions being made.

The adoption plan is created to outline your vision of your journey. You will be asked many questions to determine details such as:
-The type of family you want for your child.
-The amount of contact you want with the adoptive family and child after placement.
-What your hospital stay will look like.

This information is put together to make a plan that you and your specialist can follow to ensure everyone understands your wishes.

Step Two: Select a Family
This is a delicate part of ‘giving your baby up’ for adoption. Once you determine the qualities you want in a family, your specialist will select a few families who meet your requirements. You will be shown profiles and can email, call or meet with potential parents. We have many families waiting to love your baby, and they have all been through a rigorous qualification process. They have proven their ability to care for a child and have completed a home study and a thorough background check. Our families come in all shapes and sizes, as we embrace diversity at Destiny Adoption. Because of this, we are sure you will have plenty of options to find the perfect family for your baby.

Step Three: Get Familiar with the Adoptive Family
After you select a family, it’s time to get to know them. We encourage birth moms to interact with the family so everyone understands what is expected of them. More importantly, you have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you are comfortable with your selection. Typically, birth moms who develop a relationship with the adoptive family pre-placement feel more confident and secure in their choice. Of course, you do not have to meet or speak with them if you prefer not to, but we do recommend it for your own emotional and mental well-being.

Step Four: The Hospital Stay
There are numerous decisions to make regarding the hospital stay, and you are in full control of these decisions. You will determine things like:

-Who holds the baby first.
-How much time, if any, you want to spend with the baby.
-If you want to see or spend time with the adoptive family.
-If you want to leave the hospital with the family.

An adoption attorney and your advocate will ensure you fully understand the documents and agree to the terms of the adoption.

The adoption process ends here, but your adoption journey continues as you grieve and heal. Depending on the type of post-placement contact you want, you may be navigating your relationship with the adoptive family and child for a lifetime. Every situation is unique, and we offer support for our birth moms throughout and after adoption.

Contact us today to discuss your Tennessee adoption options. Call us at (865) 444-3487.