destiny adoption

Destiny Adoption and Why It Was Founded

Since Lisa, our founder and Florida Director, opened Destiny Adoption doors, she knew she wanted to create an agency that served our clients with kindness and compassion, intentionally striving to build long-term connections and relationships with the women that God brought our way. She desired to relay to these pregnant women that this journey would not end at their placement.

The Destiny girls are lifers. Whether it’s to connect over lunch, text back and forth about their current life situation, or reach out for free clinical counseling because the sadness of their decision is finally sinking in. She wanted a relationship to be built, sister, friend, FAMILY.

We have had the privilege to advocate for countless amazing women through the years. We have continued our relationship with many of them, actualizing the original vision Lisa carried that was built around the life and practice of Jesus.

Lisa Cuffaro looks for people who have at their core the desire to wholeheartedly serve the clients whose normal is to be judged, treated as less than, INVISIBLE, not enough, and castaways. She discovered that more than training and tools for Destiny staff was needed. The heart behind all those things must be founded in the ability to see all people and value each one of them because they are valuable.

Whether it is our comprehensive Post Placement care for Birthmoms or our partnerships with agencies like Helping Mamas Knoxville, Lisa and the Destiny Team believe in a holistic and engaged community approach to care and adoption service.

That understanding of value is what drives the advocacy for our clients. We will fight for each of them to be SEEN in every circumstance, whether in the doctor’s office, with the prospective adoptive family, or with the hospital staff; they will not be set aside or left behind on our watch. As mentioned earlier, we desire to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them for life. The goal is to remind, or in some cases, TELL these mommas that they are important and deserve the fundamental human rights that others take for granted, resulting from a more robust human ready to take on her world and be all that she longs for and was created to be.