Strong Women

Strong, Iconic Women: The Strong Ones

With March being a month to celebrate strong, iconic women who have made their mark in history, we want to highlight the women we have the honor of working with that we feel can often be overlooked.

The stigma of placing a child for adoption is sometimes difficult to overcome and heal from.

Are these moms strong women?

Here at Destiny, we 100% believe they are!

One of the lies told is that they are taking the easy way out by choosing to place their child. We often hear in quiet corners of our kitchens and homes the question, “Where is her motherly instinct?”.

We need to redefine motherly instinct. We have boxed up the idea of what it means to mother a child well based on tradition and very binary contexts. In our narrow definition, we have lost the fullness and complexity of what it means to parent well in a broken and complicated world. The instinct of mom is to create a home where a child is safe, loved, and supported. If a mother can’t provide that herself, she is being true to her instinct by searching and vetting with discernment the right adoptive home to accomplish what her motherly instinct is trying to create.

The strength and internal fortitude to take this journey is one we very likely will never be able to understand.

The narrative, often shrouded in trauma and misunderstanding, becomes a story about a woman who, through selflessness, chose to be the best mom a child could ever hope for. We can begin to break cycles of shame and rejection by simply reexamining our boxed and narrow definition of what it means to be a great mom. It starts with me. It begins with you. As we redefine, we rediscover and start a revolution.

This month, as we continue to celebrate strong iconic women who have made a mark in history, let’s make space for the women who made a brave and heartbreaking choice to change their child’s life by choosing adoption.

Often, the presence of children makes us all stand back with awe and wonder what beauty and strength God has placed in a mom’s heart.