Many famous people have experienced adoption. Some are adoptive parents, others are adoptees, and some are birth parents. It can be challenging for people in the adoption community to tell their stories to those unfamiliar with the journey. Imagine you are a well-known figure, and you share your story publicly. We believe famous people who do this deserve credit, as it helps educate people and removes some of the stigma attached to adoption. In this article, we list our favorite celebrity birth parents.

Mercedes Ruehl

This Academy Award-winning actress placed her baby for adoption when she was a young woman. She was conflicted about the decision, but she believed she did not have the financial or emotional resources to care for a child. She went on to parent five children. She reunited with the child she placed for adoption later in life, and after much therapy, they have created a close relationship.

David Crosby

This famous singer, musician and songwriter is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his extraordinary work. While he has had a few conflicts with the law regarding drug possession, his popularity still soars. Melissa Etheridge made it public in 2000 that Crosby was the sperm-donor of two of her children. His son, who was placed for adoption at birth, now plays in a band with Crosby.

Joni Mitchell

This Canadian singer and painter is most known for her association with the folk music community of the mid-1960s. She continued writing and releasing music for decades. In more recent years, she has openly stated her discontent with the current recording industry. In 1965, she placed her baby for adoption.

Andy Kaufman

Kaufman Is most known for his acting and comedic skills. He had an eccentric personality and was loved by many fans. When he was in high school, his girlfriend became pregnant, and they placed the child for adoption.

Faith Ireland

Ireland served as a Supreme Court Justice for 16 years. She made her adoption story public in 2000 after keeping it secret for 35 years. She became pregnant at the age of 22 and placed her daughter for adoption. They were reunited in 1997.

It’s interesting and sometimes helpful to other birth parents to learn about celebrities who have been through the adoption process. It takes bravery for a birth parent to tell their story, and perhaps even more so when you are an individual speaking to millions. That is why we highlighted some of our favorite famous people who have placed a child for adoption.

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