My adoptive parents were discouraged. They wanted to adopt a teen from the foster care system.

Their daughters were not in favor of the plan. My adoptive parents felt maybe it wasn’t God’s plan that they adopt.

The foster care agency kept in touch, and one day my family received a call. The call was about a baby boy. I had been born three months premature and had spent my first six months in the hospital.

Now in foster care, the agency was hoping to find me a permanent home. What I found was a permanent family. My adoptive parents fostered me and began the adoption paperwork right away.

I know my biological mom loved me. When you love someone, you want the best for them. And if you want them to have better than you can provide, your love has to be selfless and strong.

I’ve now graduated from high school and study business management and marketing in college. My adoptive dad inspires me. He owned a cleaning company, and I’ve learned a lot from him. My goal is to one day own my own business.

Over the years, my adoptive mom and dad have been a tremendous source of love and support. And my sisters have, as well. In fact, when I need someone to talk to closer to my age, I turn to my sisters.

It was one of my sisters that helped me make the decision to meet my biological family. It was a tough decision. I prayed. I started by meeting my first foster mom, who was able to share information about my biological mom and family. Shortly after, I met my grandmother. I learned that my mom had been facing an unplanned pregnancy and drug addiction and was homeless while pregnant with me.

My grandmother attended my high school graduation. She met my adoptive family. She shared with us a photo of my biological mom, and it was heartwarming to see my resemblance to her.

I’ve been blessed to be adopted by a loving, accepting family and am grateful for my bright future. I’ve been shaped by my adoption experience and find that I can talk to others easily and help them. If someone feels alone, I share my hope. Not everyone gets a second chance, but I did, and it’s given me faith and hope for life.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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