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Can I Get Money for Putting My Baby up for Adoption?


Please note, we use the terms ‘give up’ and ‘put up’ a baby for adoption in this article to make it easier for people to find the information they are seeking. This language does not properly express the courage and love of a birth mother.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding adoption and the financial assistance that accompanies it. Placing your baby for adoption is completely free. Birth mothers don’t get paid to give up their children, but they may be able to receive financial assistance throughout their pregnancy, depending upon their specific circumstances and their state’s laws. Here, you can learn more about how financial assistance and the adoption process cross paths.

Is Getting Paid for an Adoption Legal?

The short answer is no. It is illegal for an adoption agency or attorney to pay you for your baby or your consent to the adoption. Agencies or attorneys that offer you money could be involved in child trafficking. Your acceptance of money for a child can have serious legal implications.

However, birth mothers may be allowed to receive financial support from the adoptive family. Usually, the adoptive family will transfer money through an agency or attorney to help relieve the birth mother’s financial burden.

Why Do Birth Mothers Receive Assistance?

Adoptive families are often more than willing to provide assistance. They want to help ensure the birth mother has safe housing, transportation and nutritious food throughout her pregnancy.

How Much Support Can I Receive?

You might be wondering how much financial assistance you can receive during your pregnancy. This will depend on factors such as:

• Your living circumstances.

• How far along you are in your pregnancy.

• Your state’s laws.

For instance, let’s consider a young woman who lives with her parents. She might not be entitled to as much assistance as a woman who has no one else to help provide support.

The amount you receive can change along with your circumstances. For instance, if a woman is unable to work halfway through her pregnancy, she can potentially receive more support.

Who Decides the Amount of Financial Support?

In most cases, a court approves the amount a birth mother can receive throughout her pregnancy. Even though agencies or attorneys collect and distribute the funds, the total amount of expenses are typically reviewed and approved by the court.

When Will I Receive Support?

An adoption specialist will work with you to understand your unique circumstances. They will get you the help you need as quickly as possible. The timeframe will vary for each individual. A lot of mothers will receive financial assistance throughout their pregnancy. This often includes several weeks afterward as they recover from giving birth.

How Can Birth Mothers use Financial Support?

Every birth mother will have unique circumstances. This means that the use of their financial support can vary. Typical expenses that may be covered by an adoptive family, depending upon state law, include:

• Rent/utilities

• Groceries

• Transportation to and from doctor’s visits

• Medical bills

Not all expenses will be covered. Any item declared “unnecessary” or “luxurious” by a court can’t be covered by an adoptive family’s financial support. Items that are necessary for a mother’s daily living and well-being are more likely to be covered.

How Do I Start Receiving Financial Support?

If you have decided to place your child for adoption, call Destiny Adoption at (865) 392-6261 (TN) or (727) 202-8966 (FL). Our team of professionals can work to quickly get you the support you need.