Each family has different reasons for choosing adoption. Adoption is not for everyone. To determine if adoption is right for you and your family, you need to examine all relevant factors. Below are some questions you can answer to help you decide if adoption is the right choice for you and your family.

What Are Your Reasons for Considering Adoption?

The first step in the decision-making process knowing your “why.” You should understand the motivation behind your desires to adopt. Is adoption your first choice or a last resort? Is your desire to parent a child stronger than your desire to have a child who is biologically related to you? Are you able to love a child who is not genetically yours? Is there anyone in your life pressuring you to become a parent? Don’t be afraid to get brutally honest with yourself when answering these questions. There are no correct or incorrect answers. It is about self-reflection and understanding your reasons for considering adoption. This process may lead to more profound revelations that help you decide.

Are You Able to Care for a Child?

Raising a child requires an enormous amount of support. Parents are responsible for the financial, physical and emotional needs of their children. Do you have the financial stability to provide for a child? Do you have the time to give for emotional support? Take a look at your life in its entirety. Ask yourself if you are capable of handling this responsibility at this point in your life.

Are You Committed to the Process?

Adoption can be an emotional roller coaster for adoptive families. Every adoption journey is unique. Some are quick and easy, while others are difficult and lengthy. You must be willing to accept the possibility that your adoption journey may be rough. If you are genuinely committed to the process, you will be able to handle the ups and downs of the journey.

Can You Meet all Adoption Requirements?

Adoptive families must meet specific requirements in order to adopt a child. These requirements differ depending on the state and the agency with whom you work. You must be in good health and pass a background check. Your age and marital status are also considerations, but not necessarily obstacles. It’s a good idea to find the adoption requirements in your state. Then, make sure you meet them before proceeding with any plan to adopt.

Are You Happy to Share Your Adoption Plans With Others?

It’s helpful to have a support system in place when embarking on the adoption journey. How do your close friends and family feel about your plan to adopt? Are you able to share the news with others? If so, what is their response? Will your family and community accept the child?

Are You Comfortable Speaking to Your Child About Adoption?

Talking with your child about adoption is an integral part of being an adoptive parent. It can be challenging to explain this complicated subject to a child. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to have these conversations. How do you feel about discussing the birth parents with your child?


Adoption is a wonderful way to expand families. If you are interested in adopting a child in Florida, contact Destiny Adoption Services at 727-202-8966.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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