During the grieving process, it can feel as though your emotions are all consuming. Managing your everyday life and relationships with others can become a source of struggle while trying to manage grief. That is why birth mother healing is vital.

As a mother that has chosen adoption, you may be experiencing anticipatory grief if you are expecting. And after you place your baby for adoption, feelings of grief, loss, depression and guilt are common. These events are life-changing and overwhelming. Seeking out healthy coping mechanisms, including a support system, can improve your mental health and the experience of grieving.

Benefits of Journaling

One effective resource that can provide peace from emotional chaos is journaling. Journaling can be used as a therapeutic coping mechanism. It allows the writer to put their complex emotions onto paper. This process helps to simplify intense feelings, allowing you to gain more clarity in the face of grief.

According to PositivePsychologyProgram.com, journaling has many mental health benefits, including:

  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Reduction of symptoms of depressing
  • Reduction of symptoms of avoidance following trauma
  • Increased self-awareness

Effective Journaling for Birth Mother Healing

While journaling itself is a beneficial tool, there is a right way to do it. Effective journaling is not just writing down your emotions or thoughts. It’s also making a mindful connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by your emotions even while journaling, so it is important to maintain a healthy dialogue with yourself to prevent creating a negative headspace.

Remembering to separate yourself from your emotions can help promote this healthy dialogue. Remind yourself often that emotions are temporary states that do not define who you are. You are not your grief.

All healing, including birth mother healing, starts from within, and that includes giving and receiving kindness from yourself. Through coping tools, support from others and, most importantly, love from yourself, acceptance and inner peace is possible.

Author: Destiny Adoption Services

Destiny Adoption Services is proud to support and guide birth parents and adoptive families on the journey of adoption. We’re a state licensed nonprofit adoption agency with four decades of adoption experience, and our professional team of experts includes moms, adoptive moms and birth mothers who provide compassion combined with trusted resources and skills.