You deserve to know!

You have rights!
You have choices!
You have support!



You DO NOT have to pay for this service!


You have the right to receive help with your expenses
You have the right to receive financial support throughout your pregnancy and up to six weeks after your baby is born.

You have the right to your own attorney
It is important you have your own attorney to ask legal questions and to represent you. We will refer you to attorneys who specialize in adoption law and know your rights. You DO NOT have to pay for this service.

You have a right to free counseling
If you choose, we pair you up with a counselor who can provide you additional support during and after your pregnancy.

You have the right to your own advocate
An advocate is somebody who stands in your corner to be sure your voice is heard, that your wishes are understood and respected, and to make sure you’re receiving all of the help and support that you need. You will have a right to your own advocate to guide you and support during and after your pregnancy.


You can choose a family that feels right!


You choose the family you want for your baby.
What do you picture when you imagine the ideal adoptive family for your baby? Is location important to you? Lifestyle? Religion?

You choose the level of contact you want to have with your baby.
Would you like pictures and letters and updates? Would you like yearly visits? Or do you prefer your child make this decision when they are older?

You choose when you meet the family.
Once you select a family, you have the option to meet and get to know the family as little or as much as you are comfortable with.


We care about YOUR dreams and goals!


You are important to us and we want you to feel that.
We are here for you as much, or as little, as you need us to be.

The Destiny team works together to create a solid support system for you during your pregnancy and throughout every step of your adoption plan.

You have goals we want to help you achieve
What are some of your personal goals and dreams for the future?

From resume building to helping you find housing and education programs, we are available to assist you in planning and preparing for the next chapter of your life.

Your support does not end with your pregnancy
We want you to stick around.

We host a free monthly support group for women who have chosen adoption. The group is a confidential place for women to laugh, cry, support, and celebrate one another.