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 Destiny Adoption provides a very special adoption option—embryo adoption. 

What is embryo adoption?

Embryo adoption is a process, involving the adoption of frozen embryos that are donated by couples, who do not plan on using the embryos to grow their family. Embryo adoption is unique in that it offers the adoptive mother the opportunity to carry and give birth to the adoptive couple’s new baby.

Much like traditional adoption, embryo adoption can be an open adoption, where the adoptive family is known to the donating family, or a closed adoption, where identifying information remains confidential. A full genetic work-up of each embryo is provided to the adoptive parents, including genetic information on the sperm or egg donor if one is involved.

Destiny Adoption embryo adoption services

  • Embryo adoption education
  • Counseling
  • Profile creation
  • Embryo adoption home study
  • Post-placement visits

Destiny Adoption can discuss with you embryo adoption pros and cons and embryo adoption cost. We offer individual consulting, support services and guidance through the embryo adoption process. 

Want to learn more about embryo adoption?

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