Chances are you know someone who was raised or is being raised without a father in their home. More and more children are raised by single mothers, growing up without the influence of a father. While many single mothers do an excellent job raising children on their own, there are undeniable benefits to the presence of a father in a child’s life.

Fathers Teach Unique Life Lessons

Ask anyone who grew up with a father and they tell you a story (or 10) about a time when their dad taught them an invaluable lesson. Whether he showed them how to change a flat tire or gave them the motivation to keep working until the job was done, they probably remember those lessons fondly.

Fathers teach their sons and daughters how to work hard, stay healthy, and treat others with respect. Even fathers who aren’t the greatest dads have life lessons to teach — it’s all part of the package.

Fathers Love to Roughhouse

Roughhousing, or playing and goofing around in a physical way, is an activity more likely to be practiced and encouraged by fathers than mothers. Horseplay can have tons of benefits including making children more “physically fit and joyful,” according to Anthony DeBenedet and Larry Cohen, the authors of The Art of Roughhousing.

Physical play with children can give them resilience (understanding how to get back up when you get knocked down), social intelligence (knowing the difference between play and actual aggression) and morality (learning fairness and empathy). Plus, playing around can improve the bond between dads and kids. Mothers can roughhouse too, of course, but fathers often have a natural knack for it that is difficult to replicate.

Statistics Show Dads Make a Difference

There is plenty of statistical evidence to suggest that children are better off with a father in their lives. One study found that boys raised without the influence of a father were more likely to end up in jail before the age of 30, and another found that girls without fathers at a young age were more likely to become pregnant as teenagers.

Study after study shows that children with strong and responsible fathers in the home do better in school and are less likely to end up in trouble.

Fathers are Awesome

This Father’s Day, tell a dad he rocks. Despite the bad dad jokes and cliche clothing, they really do add incalculable value to their families. Our society may be trending away from the idea that children need both mothers and fathers, but fathers will never stop being important.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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