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FL Adoption Topics

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

Learn about the process of placing a child for adoption in Florid.

How to Adopt an Infant in Florida

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

How to Adopt an Infant in Florida

Find out where to start on the journey to adopt a baby in Florida.

Birth Mother Adoption Rights in Florida

How Easy Is It to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

Birth Mother Adoption Rights in Florida

Birth Mother Adoption Rights in Florida

Learn about your rights as a prospective  birth parent in FL.

process to pitput a baby up for adoption in florida

How Easy Is It to Put a Baby up for Adoption in Florida?


If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption in Florida, you may wonder about the difficulty of the process. Deciding to place your child for adoption is one of the hardest parts. The emotional toll is challenging, but the adoption procedure is not too difficult. Below are some obstacles you may face and the help you will get when placing a baby for adoption in Florida.

Legal Aspects of Adoption in Florida

You should work with a licensed adoption professional in Florida who will handle the procedure according to state and federal laws. Adoption is free for birth parents, so you will not need to worry about paying for any of the legal fees. Your primary responsibility is to sign the necessary legal documents, which we will explain to you.

Medical Care

Birth parents are not responsible for medical expenses associated with the pregnancy or delivery of the baby. Your adoption specialist will help you get prenatal care and will arrange for payment of medical bills. We can even help you with transportation to doctor’s appointments. We always encourage birth moms to receive proper prenatal care. This can be a challenging task, so we are happy to assist you.

Important Adoption Decisions

You will need to make several decisions when placing a child for adoption. An adoption professional will help you outline these choices in your adoption plan. You are always in control of your adoption journey, and you can determine how involved or uninvolved you want to be. You can choose the adoptive family for your child. And you can decide the type of post-placement contact you want to have with the family and. Your adoption specialist will provide information and guide you through the entire. These decisions will impact you and your child’s future, so it’s crucial to take as much time as you need to make your adoption plan.

Emotional Aspects of Adoption

There’s nothing easy about placing a child for adoption. It requires a tremendous amount of courage and love to make this decision. Birth parents usually struggle with feelings of grief and loss. We offer ongoing counseling and birth mother support groups to help overcome these challenges so you can move forward with your life. The emotional toll adoption takes on birth parents is by far the most difficult obstacle faced throughout this journey.

Comprehensive Birth Parent Support

You will receive a tremendous amount of support when you work with our licensed adoption professionals at Destiny Adoption. Our adoption specialist works closely with birth parents throughout the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly and exactly as the birth parents expect. We handle all the legal and financial aspects, including medical bills and living expenses. But most importantly, we provide emotional support for our birth parents before and after placement. Our adoption professionals are not only experts but they pride themselves on being compassionate. Your adoption specialist at Destiny serves as a knowledgeable professional, a guide and a friend – even when you need a

shoulder to cry on.

We are available 24/7 to speak with you and answer any questions. It is completely confidential, and you are under no obligation when you contact us. Call 727-202-8966.

adoptive parent holding infant's hand in florida

How to Adopt an Infant in Florida


One of the most important aspects of infant adoption is connecting a birth family with an adoptive family. Adoption is emotional for everyone involved, whether you’re the birth mother or part of the adoptive family. That’s why it’s crucial to find the right agency with highly experienced workers that are committed to giving every child a home.

Getting Started


Getting Started

Before a baby is eligible for adopted through a private adoption agency, the birth parents must choose a family and consent to the adoption. For people wishing to adopt a newborn, private domestic adoption is one of the best options. With other types of adoption, such as foster care or international, you are not likely to be matched with a newborn.

Find the Right Adoption Professional


Find the Right Adoption Professional

At Destiny Adoption, adoptive families receive an adoption specialist dedicated to their case. The adoption specialist will work with you throughout the entire process. they will guide you and connect you with the people needed to complete the process. Many other individuals are involved with adoption as well, including social workers, attorneys, hospital employees and case managers.

While the adoption process may seem overwhelming to you, the adoption specialist is there to oversee everything. The kind of personal support adoption specialists offer is crucial in such a pivotal time.

Consider Open Adoption


Consider Open Adoption

Many families that adopt babies are willing to have an open relationship with the birth mother. This arrangement is great for everyone involved, especially the child. The post-placement agreement of open adoptions maintains 

communication between families after the adoption is final. And it provides peace of mind for the birth parents when it comes to the well-being of the child.

With open adoptions, children don’t have to wonder why they were adopted or what their birth parents are like. Open communication between families can help children achieve a sense of normalcy about their situation. It can help them have a better understanding of this potentially confusing part of their lives.


Choose Destiny Adoption to Help With This Life-Changing Decision

Adopting an infant is not only a major decision — it is life-changing! It’s important to pick the right agency, so you can have a seamless process. Many children are waiting to find the right home, and adoption can be one of the most profound experiences of your life.

We’re a licensed private adoption agency in Florida that can help. We have years of experience connecting newborns with new families. Call 727-202-8966 if you’re interested in adopting or have any questions.­­

birth mom holding her baby in FL hospital

Birth Mother Adoption Rights in Florida


Facing an unplanned pregnancy is stressful and puts birth mothers in a vulnerable position. It’s common to worry that adoption professionals will take advantage of your susceptible state, and coerce you or mislead you into placing your child for adoption. Understanding your rights as a birth parent may help ease these fears. It’s also important to note that reputable, ethical adoption specialists would never attempt to force a birth mother into anything. 

Furthermore, it is illegal to do so, and knowing your rights will help ensure that you do not become prey to any unethical practices.

Adoption Rights During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant and considering adoption, you are a prospective birth mother. As such, you have certain rights. Here at Destiny Adoption, we make sure your rights are protected and your adoption journey unfolds in the way you want it to.

The Right to Change Your Mind

You always have the option to change your mind before consenting to the adoption. This means you can decide to parent your child at any time during your pregnancy or after birth. You retain this right until the adoption consent is signed and final. You are not obligated to place your child for adoption, even if you have received financial support, met with the adoptive family or made verbal promises.

The Right to Create an Adoption Plan

You determine exactly how your adoption journey will unfold, from start to finish. You are in charge and will make all the important decisions for yourself. Your adoption specialist is there to guide you and offer support. The decision-making is entirely yours. You are given as much time as you need to make these choices, and you are never forced into anything.

The Right to Choose an Adoptive Family for Your Child

You can select a family for your child. This is a big decision, and your adoption specialist will speak with you at length to determine the type of family you want. Then, she will present you with profiles of families who meet your requirements. You will be able to speak with or meet families, which will assist you in the selection process.

The Right to Choose Post-Placement Contact

You decide what type of contact you have with the child and adoptive family after the adoption is complete. You may want a closed, open or semi-open adoption. It is entirely up to you to decide what type of relationship you will have with your child in the future.

The Right to Legal Representation When Signing Legal Documents

When you sign the adoption consent and other legal documents, an attorney will be present to explain things and answer questions you may have. It is your right to have an attorney present so you fully understand what you are signing and how it impacts the adoption.

Knowing your rights as a prospective birth mother will help ensure that your adoption is handled ethically. If you ever feel an adoption professional is pressuring you or making you uncomfortable, you always have the right to work with a different adoption professional. The overwhelming majority of adoption professionals are ethical, kind and supportive, so you are not likely to have problems.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, call our adoption specialists for information and assistance. We are here to answer your questions. You are never obligated to choose adoption or to work with our agency if you do choose adoption. We are simply here to help. Call us 24/7 at (727) 202-8966.