How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in Florida

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Important note about the language in this article: We do not typically use the terms ‘give baby up’ or ‘put baby up’ for adoption. These terms do not correctly represent the love, strength, and courage of a birth mother. However, these are commonly used terms, so we use them in this article to help people find the information they are seeking. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, the first question you may have is “How do I give my baby up for adoption?” Here, we provide a thorough guide to answer your questions about the adoption process for pregnant women. 

Is adoption right for you? 

The first step is determining if adoption is the right solution for you and your baby. Putting a baby up for adoption is a life-changing decision. There are numerous benefits, and it is also a difficult emotional journey. You are the only person who can make this choice, and you must determine if it is right for you. Once you choose adoption, you can begin the process. 

Create Your adoption plan 

You are always in control of your adoption journey. You have many decisions to make, and they are outlined in your adoption plan. Your adoption specialist will walk you through every step of creating your plan. Some of the things you will decide in your adoption plan are: 

  • The type of family you want for your child 
  • The type of contact you want with the child and family after placement. 
  • How you want the delivery and hospital stay to occur 

The Legal aspects 

After delivery, you complete the legal parts of adoption. All legal documents are explained to you, to make sure you fully understand them. 

The above steps are a simplified version of the adoption process in Florida. Our adoption specialists are standing by to answer your questions. You can call or text 24/7.   (727) 202-8966 

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Support for Birth Parents

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 Many women who put a baby up for adoption ask about the financial and emotional support available to them. You can receive financial assistance for reasonable living expenses. This includes housing, food, clothing, transportation, and more. Medical bills are also covered, see the section below regarding this. Here at Destiny Adoption, we provide extensive birth mother support, mentally, emotionally, and financially.  

Three Ways to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in Florida

 Adoption is not a “ one size fits all" situation. Each circumstance is unique, and every adoption journey is different. That being said, there are three primary ways to go through the adoption process in Florida. Here, we will examine those options  


(1 .Agency Adoption 

With this option, you go through a state-licensed adoption agency. It’s important to find an agency that will honor your wishes and support the type of adoption you prefer. A good agency will have social workers and plenty of support for birth mothers. Your adoption specialist will walk you through the process and be with you every step of the journey. They also assist you in setting up plans for your hospital stay. You will select adoptive parents from a pool of carefully screened potential families. Choosing adoption through an agency provides you with the most guidance and counseling. They also work with an attorney to handle the legal aspects of the adoption. 

Destiny Adoption is a Florida Licensed adoption agency dedicated to birth mother support. Call us (727) 202-8966 


2. Independent Adoption 

This adoption process involves working directly with an adoption attorney. In some cases, an attorney will work with an agency to provide needed guidance and counseling for birth moms. Generally speaking, independent adoptions focus primarily on the legal aspects of the adoption process. 


3. Kinship Adoption 

In this situation, a biological relative adopts the child. You can work with an adoption agency, attorney, or your local Department of children services to receive guidance.  Relatives must meet all the requirements of the legal adoption, just like non-related adoptive families.   

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Questions to ask prospective adoption agencies


When giving a baby up for adoption, and seeking a licensed adoption agency in Florida, there are some specific questions you may want to ask. Some of the most common include: 

  • Is there a fee for birth mothers to use your services?? 
  • What type of guidance and counseling do you provide for birth parents? 
  • Does my family need to be involved in the adoption if I am under 18 years old? 
  • What is your screening process for adoptive families? 
  • Do you have a large, diverse pool of families that I can choose from? 
  • Can I meet with potential adoptive families, and what is the communication process like? 
  • I want an open adoption, do you have families interested in having an ongoing relationship with the birth mother? 
  • Do you offer ongoing relationship guidance for open adoptions? 
  • If I choose not to visit my child, will he/she know who I am? 
  • If I choose an open adoption, will there be a legally enforceable post-adoption contact agreement that specifies my visitation schedule with the child? 
  • If I select an open adoption, does your agency assist me with staying in touch with the adoptive family? 
  • Will I receive financial assistance for medical expenses related to prenatal care and giving birth? 
  • Do any of your adoptive families want to adopt a child of a different race and ethnicity, or a special needs baby? 
  • What rights does the biological father have in Florida?
  • When is the adoption final? 


If you are considering adoption and would like to go through a licensed agency in Florida, contact us today. Our specialists here at destiny adoption are available 24/7 to speak with you and answer all your questions.  727--202-8966

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Finding an Adoptive Family for Your Baby IN fl


Florida adoption agencies offer a variety of services to help you find the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. When you decide to search for a family to adopt your child, it is important that you follow your heart and instincts. Some birth mothers quickly find the right family by looking at profiles and photos of prospective parents. However, other women need to take more time and want more information about ideal families. 

  Before you select a family, consider what type of adoption you want. 

Types of Adoption: 

Do you want a closed adoption, where you have limited to no contact with the parents and child? Or do you want an open adoption, where you have some form of contact with the parents and child? These are important questions to ask yourself when you are considering adoption in FL. Nevertheless, you don't have to know exactly what type of adoption you want when you begin planning. It is recommended to discuss your options with an adoption professional. And remember, you can always change your mind about the type of adoption that you prefer as you go through the adoption planning process. 

 The process of finding an adoptive family for your baby

First, think about the type of family you want to adopt your baby. Do you want a couple that already has a child? Are you open to same-sex couples? What about a single parent? Prospective families all come from unique backgrounds. In some cases, religious practice is important to the birth mother. some women prefer a couple who is very artistic, active or homebodies. It is crucial that you keep your mind and heart open to all the possibilities. Sometimes the perfect couple or family for your baby isn't what you imagined at all. Here are some steps you can follow to find an adoptive family in Florida. 

  • -Decide on what qualities you want in the adoptive parents. 
  • -Be clear on whether or not there are family types you are not open to. 
  • -Look through the photo profiles of families that may be a match for you. 
  • -Decide on one or two families that feel like the best fit. 
  • -Ask your adoption specialists to gather any further information you need to make a decision
  • -Once you have a match, you can speak with and meet the family

Do you want to meet the parents you selected? 

It is generally a good idea to meet the prospective parents beforehand if you have chosen open adoption, even if it's a day before you deliver the baby. Sometimes, a meeting isn't possible because of distance and timing. But that doesn't mean the adoption won't work out, or they aren't the best choice for your baby. 

However, If there are things you aren't comfortable with talking to the prospective adoptive parents about, that is okay too. Adoption counselors and professionals may speak with them directly on your behalf about topics such as pregnancy-related expenses and assistance you might need. 

Get to know the adoptive Family You Selected: 

If you choose to pursue contact with the prospective parents, you may be feeling nervous about the first phone call or meeting with them. Of course, It can be helpful to have some questions in mind for when you talk with them. After you've met or spoken, ask yourself if you trust and like the adoptive parents. You can tell a lot about someone's character in the first few moments of meeting them. Accordingly, you should trust your instinct and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • -Do you share any interests with them? What are their interests? 
  • -Do you like and trust the potential adoptive parents? 
  • -Do you share the same or similar values about family and children? 
  • -Most importantly, are they loving and supportive of one another? 

If you aren't certain of the answers to these questions, think about them next time you talk to the adoptive parents. 

Do the potential adoptive parents share your feelings about open or closed adoption?: 

Lastly, you need to make sure you and the adoptive parents have the same ideas about open or closed adoption. If you are considering an open adoption, be sure to talk with them about this specifically. A successful adoption is special and lasts a lifetime. Your optimal chance for success is ensuring everyone involved has the same expectations and that these agreed-on expectations are met. Here are some questions you may want to ask the adoptive parents while you discuss the type of adoption you want: 

  • -Why did they decide on an open adoption? 
  • -How will they talk to the child about adoption? 
  • -What type of contact do they want with you in the future? 

Remember that you are never under any obligation to go through with an adoption plan when contacting a Florida adoption professional with questions. Our adoption counselors and professionals are here to help.  Call our Florida office 24/7 at 727-202-8966

Can I See My Baby After Giving it up forAdoption?

FL woman seeing baby after giving it up for adoption

 If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption, you likely have many pressing questions. Some of the most common questions deal with the issue of post placement contact. Birth mothers wonder, “will I see my baby after placement?” And “what type of relationship will I have with my child after adoption?” The short answer is yes, you can see your baby and have a relationship with her after placing her for adoption.  

 Those who have not been touched by adoption, may still have the outdated idea that it is a secretive process where the birth parents never know the child and visa-versa.. However, adoption is very different today and open adoptions are more common than closed adoptions. Open adoptions provide birth parents the opportunity to have a positive and meaningful relationship with their child while his adoptive parents raise him.  

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Positive impact of open adoption


There are many benefits to an open adoption, and most adoption professionals encourage this type of post placement contact. First and foremost, it helps the child relate positively to her identity as an adoptee. Furthermore, it makes conversations about adoption much easier, as adoptive parents can refer to the birth mother and explain things more clearly. 

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How does an open adoption work?


This will differ with each situation. As the birth mom, you will determine the level of contact you want when you create your adoption plan. The types of contact you may choose to have with your child include: 

  • Pictures and letters 
  • emails 
  • Text messages and phone calls 
  • Video chats 
  • Visits in person 

Every open adoption relationship is unique. You will choose your preferences for post placement contact. The important thing to note here is that you can have a relationship with your child after placing her for adoption. 

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Will I have visitation rights?


You will not have a legally binding right to visitation. The adoptive family is expected to uphold their end of the open adoption agreement. This is why selecting the right family is so important. Your adoption specialist will help you choose a family who is interested in having an open adoption. Additionally, your adoption professional will help maintain your relationship with the family and child after placement. 


Semi-open adoption 

This type of open adoption allows you to retain your privacy. Identifying information such as your last name are not shared with the adoptive family. However, you can communicate through letters and pictures mediated by your adoption professional. You decide how you prefer to receive updates about your child. You can meet with the adoptive family before placement if you want, but you certainly don’t have to. Semi-open adoptions are good for birth moms who want to keep some anonymity, while still receiving information about their child over his lifetime. 

  Peace of mind 

Placing a child for adoption is never easy. But many birth mothers find it comforting to know that they can see their baby, even after the paperwork has been signed and the adoption is final. Because of this, open adoptions help birth mothers grieve and heal. Knowing that you will have an ongoing relationship with your child and the adoptive parents can make it a bit easier to move forward with your life. 

If you are considering adoption, contact our adoption professionals for assistance. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions. You are never under any obligation to place your child for adoption when you call us, we are simply here to offer guidance. 



Who Pays Medical Bills when a Baby is ‘given up’ for Adoption?

Money is a common concern when an expectant mother is deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. Some women may find themselves thinking, "I'm pregnant, and I want to give my child up for adoption, but I need help with bills. How will I be able to pay for legal and medical expenses if I choose adoption?" 

The answer is: You don't have to pay for any of it. Destiny adoption ensures that you receive necessary financial assistance to cover the cost of your legal and medical fees, help with living expenses, counseling and more. If you want to learn more about medical and legal expenses during the adoption process, call our adoption specialists any time at 727-202-8966 or contact us online. Meanwhile, we have answered some of the most common questions regarding legal and financial assistance below. 

"When giving up a baby  for adoption, does the adoptive family pay for the hospital bills?"

While every state has their own unique laws, in Florida, yes, the adoptive parents will provide financial help for your medical needs where needed. Care starts with prenatal doctor's visits and continues through birth, including up to six weeks of medical recovery bills after the baby is born. 

"When putting a baby up for adoption, how does the adoption agency help with medical bills?"

Destiny Adoption will help you find assistance with medical expenses in one of many ways, depending on your situation: 

  • If you are presently covered by medical insurance, we will assist you with keeping your current insurance plan, and the adoptive family may cover the co-pay or deductible fees. 

  • In the case that you are not currently covered under medical insurance, our adoption professionals will help you enroll in Medicaid or a similar state-level program. 
  • If you happen to be ineligible for Medicaid or there isn't enough time for you to enroll, the adoptive family will typically provide financial assistance for medical bills. Under some circumstances, adoption professionals may be able to negotiate your bills for a lower cost, and in some rare cases, the adoptive family's insurance could even cover your hospital delivery. 

Both adoptive families and courts understand that you may not be capable of affording medical bills for your pregnancy and delivery, and each adoptive family sets aside money to assist with medical bills. 

If you are considering adoption, our adoption specialists can tell you more about financial assistance for birth parents and answer all your questions. Call us 24/7 at 727-202-8966 


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