Pregnant women considering adoption in Florida may choose a familiar face or a new one when seeking someone to talk to about their options.

Discussing the situation with a partner, friend, family member, counselor or religious advisor can be helpful for many women. You may feel more comfortable leaning on a trusted and familiar person.

On the other hand, some women would rather speak with someone outside of their circle of friends and family. For them, it’s more comfortable talking to someone with no emotional connection to the mother, the baby or her family.

And some expectant mothers need an open ear while they work through their unplanned pregnancy options. Still, others are without supportive people in their lives to consult.

Regardless of the situation, there is plenty of information and help available to you:

  • Family planning clinics have trained staff that can give you accurate, unbiased information. These include local pregnancy centers. They can also refer you to adoption agencies or similar resources in your area.
  • Licensed adoption agencies, such as Destiny Adoption, have adoption specialists available to answer all your questions.
  • Some agencies have professional adoption counselors available to speak with you. They offer this service regardless if you choose adoption.
  • A private counselor or therapist can also help you process your unplanned pregnancy. And they can help you work through your options and choice.

When you’re ready to discuss your pregnancy, choose a person who is knowledgeable about your options. The person you decide to contact should be easily accessible by phone. And make sure any adoption agency you contact is licensed and is in good standing.

When you contact an adoption specialist at Destiny Adoption, you are not obligated to choose adoption. We will give you information and listen to your concerns and wishes. And we will provide guidance and support if you decide that adoption is the right choice for you and your child. Call us any time at 727-202-8966.

Selecting the Right Florida Adoption Agency

Here are some characteristics of a quality adoption agency to help guide you:

  • Its representatives listen to you and your thoughts. A good adoption agency ensures its professionals will not pressure you into anything.
  • It has an authentic, transparent and unbiased website. You are the only one who should decide to continue with the adoption process. And an agency’s website should not influence your decision.
  • Its staff treats you with respect and dignity, regardless of your choice to place your child for adoption.
  • Its staff does not judge you. Unfortunately, you may find that a family member, friend, or religious advisor does not react as you hoped. They may have a judgmental or unsupportive response to your unplanned pregnancy. An adoption agency should help you feel comfortable and supported.
  • Its adoption professionals provide fact-based answers to your questions. And they support you regardless of what you choose to do.
  • When you decide, no matter your choice, the agency will connect you with the resources you need.


If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you are not alone, and there are resources to help you. Our adoption specialists are available 24/7 to speak with you by phone at 727-202-8966.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

Destiny Adoption Services is proud to support and guide birth parents and adoptive families on the journey of adoption. We’re a state licensed nonprofit adoption agency with four decades of adoption experience, and our professional team of experts includes moms, adoptive moms and birth mothers who provide compassion combined with trusted resources and skills.