Birth moms, how great is your love for your child? It’s so great that it allows you to break your own heart.

Birth moms, you think about long-term goals for yourself and your baby and are mindful of the impact of choosing to place or parent. You are also aware of what you have given to others, when you chose to place.

One adoptive child, who is now a college student, shared his thoughts on adoption and about his birth mom.

“I know my (biological) mom loved me. When you love someone, you want the best for them. And if you want them to have better than you can provide at that point in your life, your love has to be selfless and strong. I’ve been shaped by my adoption experience and find that I can talk to others easily and help them. If someone feels alone, I share my hope.” Matt

An adoptive mom shared her adoption experience and thoughts about her son’s birth mom.

“We’ve never spoken or met, but we’ve had many conversations. I tell you about your son and how proud you can be. I tell him about you and how much you love him. I may not know a lot about you, but I know your heart.

I know the strength it took for me to live without a child. I can only imagine the strength and love it took for you to place him for adoption. I had let go of all hope, but then there was you.”Roxanne

The days following your choice to place your baby for adoption are difficult. Mother’s Day may be a reminder that increases those feelings. If it causes you to revisit or examine your adoption experience, remember to honor yourself and your choice. You gave life and unconditional love.

You put the needs of your child above the wants of your heart. You gave a family a child. You gave another mother a part of your heart.

For some, there would be no Mother’s Day without you.

There is great love for you, and you and your health and well-being are a priority. Invest in yourself and keep healing and moving forward.


Author: Destiny Adoption Services

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