Private adoption is the most common route taken when adopting an infant. In this process, a prospective birth mother connects with an adoptive family and creates her adoption plan with the assistance of an agency or attorney. This is very different from a foster child adoption. In a private adoption, the biological parents voluntarily relinquish their parental rights and often select the family who will adopt the child. In foster care adoption, parental rights are typically involuntarily terminated, and the birth parents have no control over where the child is placed.

Advantages of Tennessee Private Adoption

Greater Control

The private adoption process provides more control for adoptive and birth families. When you work with a private adoption agency, you set your boundaries and preferences. Then the agency matches you based on the information you provide. The birth mother creates a comprehensive adoption plan, detailing her preferred adoption journey. Likewise, adoptive families outline their preferences. Adoption specialists work closely with everyone involved to help ensure successful matches. The birth mother reviews profiles of families that meet her criteria. Then she selects a family from that pool.


The adoption process is emotional, and it can be stressful. Working with a TN private adoption agency provides crucial guidance to adoptive families and birth parents. Destiny Adoption offers plenty of education, counseling and personal guidance for our families. These services result in happier, healthier adoption journeys.

Access to Family History

Private adoption agencies gather the medical and family history from the birth parents. They pass this data along to the adoptive family. When a mother chooses adoption, she shares this information willingly. In a foster care adoption, medical and family history is limited to what can be found in records.

Infant Adoption

A private domestic adoption is the only option to adopt a newborn or infant. U.S. foster child adoption and private international adoption rarely have infants available.

How to Begin the Private Adoption Process

The first step is to contact a licensed Tennessee private adoption agency such as Destiny Adoption Services. If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption, we have specialists available 24/7 to speak with you confidentially. Our adoption professionals are also here to speak with prospective adoptive parents. Call or text us at 865-392-6261.

Who Does Destiny Adoption Work With?

Our organization has a culture of inclusivity. We open our arms and hearts to all types of people. We value and appreciate diversity. We accept families and birth parents of all religions, races and sexual orientations. We strongly believe that families are comprised of love. Anyone with the desire and ability to care for a child deserves the opportunity to do so. Our birth parents and adoptive families come from all walks of life, and we are grateful to serve them in all their unique forms.

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Author: Destiny Adoption Services

Destiny Adoption Services is proud to support and guide birth parents and adoptive families on the journey of adoption. We’re a state licensed nonprofit adoption agency with four decades of adoption experience, and our professional team of experts includes moms, adoptive moms and birth mothers who provide compassion combined with trusted resources and skills.